About Us

Najiz is an integrated logistics services company aiming to advance the local market and contribute to achieving the King-dom’s Vision 2030. Built with Saudi hands in 2020, Najiz pr ovides its advanced logistics services to the Saudi market and plans to expand to the Gulf market in the future. The company operates as a one-stop-shop pr oviding integrated services to companies and individuals wishing to benefit fr om supply chain solutions and war ehousing. Since global e-commerce began to flourish, logistics services have become of pivotal importance as it is the link between manufacturers and consumers. The company is awar e of the importance of its role. Thus, it is working to innovate and develop work mechanisms and follow modern technolo-gies, aiming to globalize the local market.


We seek to provide holistic logistic services that utilize modern technologies. In addition, we work to provide the e-commerce field with the tools and procedures that help individuals and companies focus on expanding their trade without going through the hassle of shipping, warehousing, and distribution of their products. We are increasing our partnerships with different entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build an infrastructure that better serves our customers and enhances their businesses. Besides, we direct all our efforts to implement the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which encourages pioneering in vestments and modern business development solutions based on innovation.


Our mission is to make tr ading pr ofitable and easy. We provide integrated logistic services neces sary for all e-commerce pr ojects, helping its members focus on ways to develop their business instead of focusing on following up, storing, and distributing or ders, as we do these tasks with high efficiency.


Our values


The quality of our services builds our reputation. The higher the quality of our services, the higher the customers' trust in us. There is a direct proportion between the quality of our services and the customer’s trust, as they are more likely to deal with us frequently and recommend our services to others if they trust our services to be of higher quality.


Our services are unique in how valuable to customers they are, as we handle large amounts of work with high efficiency and proficiency.


We offer a wide range of integrated services, including; orders management for customers, warehousing, delivery, and last-mile services. We seek to provide all the necessary services and logistic solutions to our customers.


We commit to integrity and transparency in all our dealings and maintain the confidentiality of customer data. We prepare daily, weekly, and monthly periodic reports. We evaluate delivery rates throughout the day. In addition, we submit reports measuring the financial flow. We are keen to adhere to the collection of the weekly payments with high professionalism to increase our transparency levels.